The Production Team is always on the lookout for new ideas and budding producers. If you're interested in getting involved with the creation and running of our programmes, we want you working on our Team! New members wishing to become a permanent part of the Production Team are always welcome. We are a flexible, friendly and enthusiastic group of people passionate about TV production, and if you have something to offer us, or want to find out more about what we do, we would love to have you.

Despite the fanciness of the word 'production', it is in essence another way of saying 'creating and organising a show'. Production involves a plethora of things to do and skills to learn or build upon, and is without a doubt one of the best and easiest ways to get involved at YSTV. If you love to organise, delegate, lead, create and inspire, then production is for you. From finding the concept for a new show, to bringing the right people together to make it happen, to learning how to operate a camera and edit footage, production is hands-on, extremely fun, and open to anyone willing to put in the time. Even if you don't have a specific idea for a show, talk to us! There's something for everyone, and you will have the time of your life!

To give you a taste of what we do, please do email us!